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What is The Healthy Horse FLAIR Strip Incentive?!

The barrel racing world is rapidly increasing the number of big money competitions. Many breeder's incentives have been developed to promote purchasing and running nominated offspring. These programs are positively impacting the barrel racing world, but not everyone can qualify to participate.


 The Healthy Horse FLAIR Strip Incentive was created to offer every horse and rider the opportunity to compete for large year end bonuses and prizes, without requiring specific bloodlines, nomination fees or expensive memberships. The INCENTIVE is hosted by a Division format race.  The contestant enters the Open race AND The INCENTIVE.  The time from the Open race carries over to The INCENTIVE.

From its conception, The INCENTIVE strove to be different. Not only is anyone allowed to enter, but there are unique attributes to The INCENTIVE that are beneficial to both rider and horse. 

How it's Unique

  • FLAIR Strip included with entry (encouraged, but not required to use)

  • No Membership Dues

  • Open to ANY rider 

  • Open to ANY horse


  • Year End Bonuses are progressive. The more participation, the more cash.

  • ANY OPEN D race can host at no cost.

Cash and Prizes

The Healthy Horse Flair Strip Incentive was created to give a fun and exciting way to compete with barrel racers all across the nation for year end bonuses and prizes. Run for jackpotted race money and earn points towards the year end cash bonuses and prizes.

Minimum $100 added each race

50 Entries = $500 added


1D Top Ten - Horse/Rider Combination

2D Top Ten - Horse/Rider Combination

3D Top Ten - Horse/Rider Combination

4D Top Ten - Horse/Rider Combination

5D Top Ten - Horse/Rider Combination

Rider of the Year - Points accumulated on all horses ridden

Horse of the Year - Voted by members from top 3 points horses in each division

Earn Points

Year End Bonuses are awarded based upon accumulated points. Points are awarded based upon participation and results.

All Participants get 5 points per race.

Money won converted to points.

First slot to not win money (cry hole) gets an additional 20 points.

How to Participate


  • Find host races on our Events page

  • Enter host race

  • Enter The Healthy Horse FLAIR Strip Incentive through our events page

  • Pick up custom race FLAIR Strip at the event office (pre-entries guaranteed, late entries while supplies last)

  • Apply your FLAIR Strip before warming up your horse. See 'Benefits of FLAIR Strips' (Encouraged, but not required to use strip.) 

  • Run in the open (time carries over to Incentive)

  • Go to our RESULTS page to see how you placed in the Incentive

    • Incentive results are based upon OFFICIAL open race results. These results must be sent to The Healthy Horse team and reviewed before Incentive results can be posted. We want to take the time to do it right the first time and appreciate your patience. 

  • Earn points in the year long Incentive by participating

    • Division Top Ten: points are based on horse/rider combination

    • Rider of the Year: points are based on rider and all horses entered

    • Horse of the Year: Winner voted on by members from the top 3 point earning horses in each division. 

  • Earn more points by placing

  • Won some money? It will be MAILED to you, so make sure your address is accurate!

Things to Remember

  • Time splits are DIFFERENT than the open race

    • The Healthy Horse FLAIR Strip Incentive fills the division gaps by using DIFFERENT time splits! Most 'D' races run .5 or .75 second splits. The Incentive splits are .4 seconds on small patterns and .65 on larger patterns. All time splits will be announced when the event is posted to our website. ​

  • Every pre-entry includes a FLAIR Equine Nasal Strip

    • Protect your Unicorn and help with faster recovery by using a FLAIR Strip! ​

  • The Incentive is a 5D, regardless of the host race format

  • Year end bonuses awarded in LAS VEGAS in December 2019


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